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Adding a new Service to a healer profile.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of adding a Service to your profile page. Service can be anything from a yoga class to a meditation workshop or an individual consultation.


1. Click "Add Services" button from your Profile Page in Edit mode


2. Follow the steps:


  • Step 1: Enter service details
      • Service Name (140 character limit)
      • Service Type (1:1 session, group class, workshop)
      • Location: Virtual / In-Person
      • Duration (1-120 minutes)
      • Price (in USD, between $0-10,000)
      • Max participants (only for Group classes and Workshop, up to 100 people)
  • Step 2:
      • Service Picture (Max file 3.5mb)
      • Description (Max 5,000 characters)
      • Modality (chosen from the selection provided in your profile)
  • Step 3: Select Timing and availability for each service type. Make sure you select the right service type in Step 1 to see the right scheduling options populated in Step 3.
    • 1:1 Session - Set your general availability window during which the clients can book your services. Select days of the week, Time zone, then Hours for each day. You can customize the hours by day, as well as add multiple availability slots for each day, for example 9-11am, 1-3pm, 6-8pm. To do so, simply keep changing the hours and clicking Add next to the day of the week.
    • Group Class - Set the day/time for the class and the number of recurrences. For examples, Monday and Thursdays at 6-7pm, for a total of 10 recurrences will create the sessions for the next 5 weeks. When you set the recurrences number, the dates will automatically populate on the screen. You can remove a specific day from the list (for example a Holiday) and a new date will be added at the end. Play with the number of recurrences to get the right schedule for a service.
    • Workshop - Set a date and time. Workshops are non-recurring and usually a one-off events.

Click Publish to make your service Live and available for Bookings. Please note, if you are a new user, you will need to connect (or create) a Stripe account in order to receive bookings. Please see our Connecting Stripe guide for more info.

To make changes to a Service at any time, click the Edit button on the top right corner, then Save Changes. Any changes to pricing, duration and timing will only be in effect for future bookings. If you need to create a similar service with different times/ dates, we highly recommend creating a new service with the new details.

To Delete a service from the profile, click on the Edit button and then "Delete Service" on the bottom