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How is the Profile Completion Score calculated?

At Heallist, we understand the importance of a complete and engaging practitioner profile. A well-rounded profile not only helps you stand out to potential clients but also ensures that users can find the holistic services they are looking for more easily. To encourage you to create a comprehensive profile, we've implemented a Profile Completion Score. In this article, we'll explain how this score is calculated and why it matters.

Understanding the Profile Completion Score

The Profile Completion Score is a percentage that represents how complete your Heallist practitioner profile is. It ranges from 0% to 100%, with a higher score indicating a more comprehensive and attractive profile. Completing your profile not only improves your score but also enhances your visibility on our platform, increasing the likelihood of connecting with fellow practitioners and potential clients.

Factors That Contribute to Your Profile Completion Score

To calculate your Profile Completion Score, we consider various aspects of your profile. Each element carries a specific weight, and your score is calculated based on the following factors:

1. Profile Photo (10%)

A clear and professional profile photo is crucial for making a positive first impression. Uploading a high-quality image can earn you 10% of your Profile Completion Score.

2. Location (5%)

Providing your accurate location helps clients find practitioners in their area. This information contributes 5% to your Profile Completion Score.

3. Title (5%)

Your title represents your specialization or expertise. Crafting a compelling title is worth 5% towards your score.

4. Modalities (10%)

Listing the holistic modalities you offer is essential for clients searching for specific services. You'll earn 10% for completing this section.

5. Website & Social Media Links (10%)

Including links to your website and social media profiles allows clients to learn more about you. This aspect contributes 10% to your score.

6. Services (20%)

Detailing the services you provide is a significant factor in your profile's appeal. The Services section accounts for the highest weight, at 20%.

7. Bio (10%)

A well-crafted biography can help clients connect with you on a personal level. It carries a weight of 10% in your Profile Completion Score.

8. Practice Photos (5%)

Visuals of your practice space create a better understanding of your environment. This section contributes 5% to your score.

9. Specialties (5%)

Highlighting your specialties allows you to target specific client needs and earns you 5% towards your score.

10. Credentials (5%)

Displaying your professional qualifications helps build trust with potential clients. This section contributes 5% to your Profile Completion Score.

11. Languages (5%)

Listing the languages you speak can attract a more diverse clientele. This aspect accounts for 5% of your score.

12. Stripe Connected (10%)

Connecting your Stripe account enables seamless payment processing for your services. It's worth 10% of your Profile Completion Score.

Why Your Profile Completion Score Matters

A high Profile Completion Score not only improves your visibility on Heallist but also enhances your credibility as a holistic practitioner. Clients are more likely to trust and reach out to practitioners with complete profiles. By providing comprehensive information, you can attract more clients and increase your chances of growing your holistic practice.


In summary, your Profile Completion Score on Heallist is a measure of how complete and informative your practitioner profile is. To achieve a high score, make sure to fill out all sections of your profile, paying attention to the respective weights each element carries. A complete profile not only increases your visibility but also helps you connect with clients more effectively. 

For a detailed video demo on how to Update Your Profile and Add Services, visit our Getting Started Guide.